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About Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cavities, one of the most common dental problems, develop when the enamel is eroded by bacteria. After the bacteria is removed and the cavity is cleaned, the hole in the enamel must be filled. Previously, cavities were filled with a material called amalgam, which was a combination of several metals like gold and silver. Now, dentists understand that these types of fillings do not bond very well with enamel, not to mention the dangers of mercury fillings to your health. At MINT dentistry in Plano, TX, we are dedicated to providing our patients advanced treatments that meet their dental needs so they have sexy teeth. For this reason, our premier dental facility uses tooth-colored fillings to treat cavities in your enamel. These advanced dental restorations are made from a composite resin and are used to fill cavities once it is tinted to match your natural teeth for a seamless appearance. The experienced, board-certified MINT dentists in Plano, TX are committed to treating your entire family with superior care with tooth-colored fillings for the treatment of dental cavities.

Tooth-Colored Vs. Amalgam

Amalgam fillings are a metal material that have been the most common treatment to fill cavities and tooth decay for more than 150 years in millions of patients. These amalgam fillings (which contain a mixture of metals like mercury, copper, silver, and tin) were the only option available to fill the enamel after a cavity had been removed. Unlike composite fillings, laughing, smiling, or talking with your mouth wide open makes these metal fillings are very noticeable. While many individuals still have silver fillings, our board MINT doctors use tooth-colored fillings to treat tooth decay for a seamless, beautiful smile.

Best Candidates

Composite resin fillings are typically used on patients who have small cavities to fill in the decay in the enamel after it has been cleaned by a MINT dentistry team member. Composite resin is a versatile material that can be used to treat other problems with the teeth, including cracks or building up enamel that been worn down by teeth grinding (bruxism). Since the filling is colored to match your teeth, tooth-colored fillings can be placed on any tooth for an attractive, seamless smile. If you have old amalgam fillings, speak with a member of the MINT dentistry team about having them replaced with tooth-colored fillings.

What to Expect

At MINT dentistry, getting a filling for a cavity is usually an easy process. At the start of your appointment, we'll help you relax in a massaging treatment chair, allowing you to choose what you want to listen to during the treatment. We'll then numb the needed areas of your mouth with a local anesthetic so you won't feel any discomfort. Stronger sedation options can be discussed with your dentist to keep you comfortable and relaxed if you have any anxieties or fears about your treatment. Once you are at ease and prepared, the decayed area will be very gently removed with an advanced drill. After the decayed area is removed and the tooth is cleaned, the hole will be filled with the composite material and set with a special light. We will polish the filling so it feels smooth.

Treatment Aftercare

You should be able to get back to your regular diet and activities immediately following the procedure since the filling will be set, creating a firm surface. Some patients experience sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures for 1 – 3 days, but that should wear off soon. You may take an over-the-counter pain relief medication if you need it, but patients have little to no discomfort. We highly recommend you come back for an adjustment after getting fillings to keep your dental bite correct. Bite complications are common because the patient’s mouth is numb; however, it is easy to fix. Just call our office. To keep your new tooth-colored filling clean, you should follow a home oral care routine including brushing and flossing every day. During your future exams, we will check your filling and decide if it needs to be repaired or replaced at any point. Tooth-colored fillings typically last for a very long time and look natural. To maintain your oral health, it is important to attend professional cleanings twice a year at MINT dentistry.

The MINT Commitment

Tooth-colored fillings are a common treatment for cavities that are normally covereda t least in part if you have dental insurance. Our front office will contact your insurance company to understand your coverage and calculate your remaining cost. If you do not have insurance, the MINT dentistry support staff can go over the payments accepted by our practice during your consultation, as well as medical financing options. MINT dentistry wants to make sure every patient has sexy teeth and we are committed to making that goal attainable for everyone. Speak with us about how the MINT Discount Plan can make your dental care more affordable.

A Bright, Healthy Smile

Dental cavities are a common issue, but at MINT dentistry, we can treat them in a simple and effective manner to help restore your oral health while keeping your smile beautiful. With modern techniques and state-of-the-art dental equipment, a tooth-colored filling can quickly and easily treat a small area of tooth decay. MINT dentistry's board-certified dentists will shade the filling to match your teeth so you have a seamless, healthy smile. If you or a member of your family may have a dental cavitiy, contact our office in Plano, TX to schedule a dental exam.

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